1. The concept of the annual sacrificial offering has been exemplified in at least three of our churches with offerings exceeding $100,000. (NATIONWIDE)

2. A church losing $4,000 a week, and later moving into a nearly debt-free church on 96 acres, valued at $3,000,000, in the adjoining state. (MS)

3. A church in foreclosure where an agreement was negotiated that will save the church almost $234,000 over eight years. (MA)

4. A church surviving a 24-time announced sheriff's sale without one actually coming off and is now calling a new pastor. (NJ)

5. A church in crisis which received almost an $80,000 refund (was returned with interest) from tax money taken from them by the I.R.S. (MS)

6. A church in crisis, without a hope of financing their mortgage, received a concession from the bank of over $350,000, almost cutting their debt in half. (CT)

7. Worked to secure a $22,000 refund from IRS in penalties and interest. (NJ)

8. Saved a church over $100,000 which then lead to a purchase and resale of property netting a $5,000,000 profit. (MD)

9. Replaced the trustee of a bond issue in default and paid off or settled all of the bond holders. (VA)

10. Received a court order and replaced a trustee who was working to close the church, and quickly settled all claims against the church. (NJ)

11. Advised a church in the purchased of a piece of property for $130,000. Later it was sold for over $1,000,000. (MS)

12. Salvaged a church ravaged by a former pastor of over $1,750,000; repaying the C.D. holders over 10 years at 0% interest. (IN)

13. Successful conclusion of a two-year correspondence battle with a Texas bank to get a defaulted bond issue into the hands of a trustee who would be able to resolve the impasse with the bondholders. (RI)

14. Reopened a "closed" case of a church fire claim, which insurance had refused to pay, and received full payment of the claim. (MS)

15 A pastor who heard my seminar on hiring a Joseph (as Pharaoh did) went home and did likewise, and the ministry was saved. (FL)

16. Negotiated a $35,000 insurance settlement of the contents of an abandoned house which was mysteriously destroyed by fire. (VA)

17. Negotiated a large settlement for a church who had a large insurance claim, due to their roof blowing off. (DE)

18. Salvaged a church, which had an incredible bond debt, by instituting a repayment plan which has satisfied the creditors. The church continues to build a war chest to satisfy two major bondholders. (DE)

19. Obtained a settlement of an insurance claim for over $70,000 which was repaired by "in-house" labor at minimal cost. (MS)

20. Worked with a church with a described "minor crisis" which developed into over $1.2 million in debt, and burned the mortgage and evidences of other debt within seven years. (NJ)

21. Worked with a church for several years to overcome a bad name, changed the name and sold the building to a funeral home. Today, the church is adding facilities to "house the folk" about every five years. (MS)

22. The Medical Plan premiered with BAC client churches and three or four of the churches have saved over $50,000 each to date and one of clients over $225,000, with many other that are saving up to 50% of what they were spending. It enabled one school to survive. (Nationwide)

23. The excise tax rebate plan with the IRS was premiered by BAC and refunds to bus ministry churches and schools have been about 20% of their gas expenditures. (Nationwide)

24. Restructured a number of schools (ministries of churches) so that they survived, but each one is now growing into a healthy, subsidiary ministry of the church. (Nationwide)

25. Eased paid staff out of client churches, staff members which had committed various offenses; adultery, fornication, molesting a minor, homosexual, rudeness, negativism, disloyalty, embezzling without the matter ever appearing in the secular press. (Nationwide)

26. Purchased a church facility using investor funds. The church became debt-free years earlier than planned. (NJ)

27. Purchased housing for church staff in order for them to be on the job much earlier. (NJ & MS)

28. Supplied the funds for a church to pay an IRS tax lien which threatened to foreclose on the church. Obtained money from a grateful banker who we had helped recoup funds from another church crisis where the banker stood to loose over $150,000. (DE)

29. Negotiated with a bank to not foreclose and/or prosecute a former pastor who had pledged over $150,000 in bonds prior to leaving town. Bonds were later sold to an individual who has since been paid in full. (LA)

30. Recommended a former student of my college finance course to a church which had nine at their first service. The church is currently running over 1100 and a weekly budget of over $20,000, all in 15 years. (AR)

31. Conducts about 24 audits yearly and have witnessed scores of church and school ministries which have put their house in order and have saved much money in the process. (Nationwide)

32. Uncovered a "kiting" scheme by a bond salesman who was milking the church. Negotiated a cash refund from the embezzler. (VA)

33. Inherited seven bond issues in one church and paid them all off through a church merger and later, a school spin-off which allowed the church to become debt-free. (VA)

34. Our founder cashed in all of his IRA's at the time in order to pay off an IRS lien on the church's bank account. (NJ)


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